This summer was a BEACH for many students

Towards the end of the spring semester, it seemed like most college students couldn’t wait to sit back and enjoy the summer sunshine.Going to the beach, partying, traveling and hanging out with friends are some of the things most college students like to do.

Most people don’t have the money to visit the beach so they bring the beach to them.

“My summer was spent swimming in my backyard with friends and family,” said Lee Hughes a freshman from Jackson, Miss.

Hughes’ family really didn’t want to do any traveling this summer being that it was so hot. ” The temperatures were so high, I would only come out at night time,” he said. Hughes said that was the only down time he had this past summer.

For Shemisa Davis, a sophomore from Dallas, Tex., the summer was a time to see her family. ‘ I thought my summer was going to be fun but in the end, I was ready to start school and leave the family,” she said.

According to Davis, when your use to being away from home, it’s hard to adjust back to regular household rules.

While many people spent their summer at a beach either in California, Texas or Florida, many people felt like they had nothing to do.

John Browning a freshman from Little Rock, Arkansas said his summer was one filled with nervousness being that he had no idea what to expect when he arrived at Grambling.

“I am happy to come and get the opportunity to experience a Bayou Classic and take part as a cheerleader at Grambling,’ he said.

Though Browning trained for the GSU cheer team this summer, he often times felt like there was nothing to do. ” I visited Chicago for a brief moment, but that was about it.”

Nonetheless, Jeremy Randolph a freshman majoring in Criminal Justice from Monroe says is summer spent at GSU in school.

“My summer was really good…I was really enjoying myself,” he said.

Though Randolph said school was the main part of his summer, partying was in the picture as well. ” I enjoying when I’m not studying.” said Randolph.

Most people have one thing in common, they treated their summer as if they were at the beach or the summer ended up being a beach.