There was no water at my beach this summer

I can honestly say that the summer that just passed is one I will easily forget. Never have I been so bored with nothing to do. With all of my friends scattered about, my only true fun over the summer was Facebook and sparse photo shoots. But even that couldn’t help keep a busybody like me occupied.As I waited for each day and month to pass this summer, I also contemplated what I would do. I had some job offers in my Gmail inbox, and the date for grad school applications had already passed. However, I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. After all, I would not have minded moving to Florida, Baton Rouge or somewhere in Texas.

After poring over my choices and thinking logically, I decided to return to GSU for graduate school. Yet, the summer still seemed to drag alone. So, I decided to start doing some photo shoots.

However, that didn’t necessarily work out as either the model would cancel on the day of the photo shoot or she wouldn’t pay.

Luckily, I did meet a couple that did pay and that helped out on bills, tremendously. I’m still trying to figure out how the light bill drastically increases in the summer and doesn’t ever decrease. It’s crazy.especially since I didn’t have my air on during one of those months.

In the end, I am seriously glad my summer is over and now I’m able to enjoy the G-Men and World Famed throw some D’s on them boys. I know that sentence had a lot of grammatical errors, but I don’t think it could make my summer.or school semester.worse.