TB: Is America ready for a Black President?

Brent Thibeaux
Graduate student
OaklandI’ve been ready for an African American president since Jessie Jackson. Before my time Frederick Douglas could have been president and Dr. Martin L. King Jr. was intelligent enough to be president.

Ezekiel Johnson
Alief, Texas

I’m ready for a black president; I think the change would be great for the U.S. It will also help focus on issues in Black society.

Marisca Joseph

We are definitely ready for a Black or female president. We have seen what White males have accomplished. It is time for a change, let somebody different, with different ideas and different views take the seat as leader.

Sharmian Adams

Yes, but I’m afraid for Obama’s safety so I think he and Clinton should be on the same bill. The world has to warm up to us.

Kenneth Williams

America has been ready for a black president. As an African American we have little or no role models. I personally think the blackest president we have had is my boy Bill Clinton.

Compiled by Terrance Stokes