SGA prepares to lead

After a Student Government Association meeting held Tuesday, SGA President Whitney Moore-White has made it clear that the role of the SGA will be played to the full extent. She pledged that the SGA will provide the students what they need, rather than what they are wanting.The goal of the SGA is to answer each and every question that the students may need answered regarding issues that they believe are not fair to the student body.

Members of the SGA have been warned that this school year will be a lot different and work ethics will be enforced. SGA members will learn to live up to the students’ expectations and make sure that all students leave GSU not only happy, but more educated.

One factor that is a slight setback to the SGA is that the budget has been cut. In order to somewhat help the situation, White has decided to cut out funds for organizations.

However, she said, the SGA is willing to collaborate to help put on programs that represent initiatives that will possibly help the entire student body.

“I would like to be a president that the students of Grambling State University can count on to answer questions to the best of my ability,” said Moore-White.

Her main focus is more civil and political events rather than activities on campus. Many situations occur, not only at Grambling State University or in Louisiana, but all over the world and students seem to not think that it is any effect to them, she said.

For example, the Jena 6 is a big situation in Louisiana, but it is not as important to many people as Hurricane Katrina. White-Moore said situations like Hurricane Katrina and the Jena 6 are both serious situations to the student body and, as a student or faculty member of the university, we should consider those people who are suffering because of these issues. No matter how serious a situation may seem, it is always more serious to someone else, she said.

Moore-White has an exciting schedule of events planned and hopes students will have a fun year, but also take time to see what’s real in the world and what is going to be important in the real world.

The SGA is also looking for students to fill the following positions:

Publicity coordinator for the Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman classes; public relations coordinator for all four classes; and secretary for the Sophomore Class.
Also, students are being sought to serve as members of the following committees:

Public Relations
Information Technology
Voter Empowerment
Civic Responsibility