REVIEW: Rob Zombie redoes ‘Halloween’

Halloween hit the big screens this weekend. In the end, it may be one of the greatest remakes of all time. Director Rob Zombie brought a different feel to the movie and it made it a lot better. Original Halloween lovers may disagree with some of the changes that were made to the serial killer Michael Myers, but if taken as an original movie, the movie was excellent.

Zombie, director of House of a Thousand Corpses and The Devil Rejects, had a lot on his plate when dealing with this movie. The Devil’s Rejects was a pretty decent movie, but then House of a Thousand Corpses was a waste of time at the box office.

In this film, Zombie had to remain focused and pray to do an excellent job because not only is he dealing with a great horror concept, but it is also a classic series that has been around for decades now. It was the movie that introduced most of us to Jamie Lee Curtis.

John Carpenter released the original Halloween in 1978. The movie is about an unstable child who grows up in a dysfunctional home and is sent to live in a mental institution. Fifteen years later, Michael Myers escapes the mental institute and goes on a rampage, killing everyone in his bloodline and anyone who stands in his way of getting to his family members. The hideous white mask that Michael Myers hid behind has become instantly recognizable.

There were a total of eight movies in the series before Zombie got his hands on it.

In Zombie’s version, he does a good job of going back to the beginning and giving the audience a better understanding of why Michael Myers was so evil and so violent. It shows in detail how Myers became evil and why he hid behind the mask. It also shows where he got the hideous white mask.

The difference in this version was that Rob Zombie created a more violent Michael Myers then the rest of the other movies in the series. Myers was way taller and bigger and much stronger in this newer version. Half of the movie was about the younger Michael Myers rather than the entire movie being about the white-masked psychopath.

The movie was a success for Rob Zombie and it’s in theatres now. Check out Rob Zombie’s Halloween.