Expounding on the positives and negatives of living on, off campus

Moving off campus is usually one of the first things new students plan to do once they arrive at Grambling State. Residing on campus before the newly constructed Tiger Village opened was a pain for many people. Sewerage problems, limited cable channels and a building not conducive to living made many people want to move off campus.

However, some students at GSU would rather be on campus than off campus.

Meet Natalia Stroman, a senior from Atlanta who feels that living on campus is better for her. “Sometimes I would feel like I’m away from everything .. I would have to drive to campus for every event,” she said.

“Living on campus is where you learn how to live,” Stroman said.

“You learn to clean up after yourself on campus because you have a roommate,” she said.

Akai Barksdale, a senior from Vidalia, agrees.

“Having a roommate teaches you about life. . It showed me that sometimes you have to compromise,” said Barksdale.

When asked about whether living on campus was better than living off, Barksdale said, “Living off campus for me is better than living on campus because you don’t have to be surrounded by so many people.”

However, some students have lived on campus since attending GSU and don’t plan on leaving. ” I can get to class much quicker and instead of spending your money on bills you can save and focus on other things,” said Michael Fleming, a junior from Detroit.

Fleming says having a car matters a lot when moving off campus because it can be difficult living off campus without transportation.

Nonetheless, Barksdale agreed with Stroman on saving money by living on campus. “Sometimes you don’t know how you’re going to pay your rent. I just pray and usually everything works out,” said Barksdale.