Dr. Martin, let FSUB do their job

Dr. Karen Martin was appointed to take the helm of Vice President of Student affairs, overseeing the Favrot Student Union and numerous student organizations at the university. Every year, the fall semester is kicked off with freshman events that many students look forward to. But for some reason, this year was quite different. There was only a pep rally and movie night. We, the editors, at The Gramblinite were wondering, where were the booths and vendors that we usually have?

After investigation we found out that the Vice President of Student Affairs, not the Favrot Student Union, canceled the freshman events. Students were not afforded the opportunity of getting acquainted with the university and their peers like prior classes had.

However, we, the editors The Gramblinite, get the feeling that the Vice President of Student Affairs likes to micro-manage things. We feel that you should let the director’s of the FSU do their job. That being, overseeing the operations and duties of the Student Union. After all, this is the students’ money were talking about.

If the FSU has a budget of 200k a semester and they want to spend it all on spring fest, let them do that and face the consequences of not having any money in the budget for the remainder of the semester. But to dictate how much money should be spent on each event takes over the duties of the FSUB director’s and president.

So many times, we, the students, blame and point fingers at the student leaders (SGA president and FSUB president) for not having consistent and realistic events. But we need to realize that there is a higher authority that has to approve these events. If they don’t approve them, we don’t get to enjoy them.

We, the students, need to take over our responsibility as students. Voice our opposition to our administrators when something is not being done correctly and applaud them when they’re doing the right thing.

Let’s start this school year off on a good note, being advocates for righteousness. That’s our view!