Deltas should take responsibity for actions

It’s sad I even have to write this column. I’d been sick all week, dealing with an ear infection and a stubborn cold, and suddenly, I’m attacked as if I killed someone. Once I saw her name on the ID box, I figured out what was next: the Deltas are ticked off at The Gramblinite again.But the sad thing is, everyone seemed to just think that I should’ve never signed off on the editorial. It amazes me that people think that because a reporter is Greek that he or she should be a safety net for campus organizations. I’m sorry; I’m the wrong one.

Truth be told, I agreed with everything that was written. Any suspension for whatever reason is a disgrace, point blank. My name would’ve been along the top even if it were associated with Kappa Alpha Psi, which I am a member of.

The editorial also did not call the Deltas a disgrace. It said the suspension is a disgrace, when in actuality, it is. It’s a disgrace to the Delta Iota chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Grambling State University, and anyone else associated with either entity, especially Delta Iota alumni.

Furthermore, I am a reporter, first; Greek, second. My job occupation will be reporter, not member of a Greek organization.

Since I have to be non-biased to even work in this field, it starts here and now. I know I’m not exactly a bright picture for being non-biased, but I’ve learned that there are always two sides to a story.

I honestly do not agree with the decision to suspend the Deltas, but I have no authority on that. DST has been here since I’ve been here, and I would’ve loved to see them still here when I left, but this, unfortunately, won’t happen. The last thing we need is for the chapter to get kicked off the yard. There’s too much legacy here that could potentially be lost.

It’s sad how the Deltas were quick to jump on The G-Nite about an opinion, but never said thank you for covering their numerous events year after year.

It’s a sad day, in the end, at GSU, because everyone is buying into the blame game. One of the main things that irked me is that none of the parties involved, while publicly bashing the staff, has said that they take responsibility for their actions. If you are going to bash us, that’s cool, but take responsibility for what did happen.

While we have been called a disgrace online, I’ll take it. If we are being called a disgrace simply because we put the truth out there, then we are always willing to take that road.