Up Close & Personal With Rod Broadway

As Grambling kicks off the new semester, new head football coach Rod Broadway, former coach at North Carolina Central University, has big plans for the upcoming Tiger season. 1. What are your plans?

“Be as good as we can be and try to win as many games as possible. I want to help the players develop as a person in school and on the field and off.”

2. What are the team’s weaknesses?

“The team is getting better, but the team is not consistent in what they do. Only time will tell when play Alcorn this week.”

3. Your greatest coaching asset?

“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.”

4. How did Eddie Rob influence you?

“Eddie Robinson had a great influence on my coaching career. Robinson was an unbelievable person, and he has paved the way for many coaches.”

5. Difference between GSU and NCC?

“Grambling is a place were you can rebuild. It has great tradition here. However, Grambling is a little bit larger than NCC.”

6. Do you like Grambling so far?

“I love Grambling and enjoy being here. I can truly understand why the alumni and the students feel the way do about Grambling.