Taking a new course in History

Many students at Grambling State University didn’t understand why the university didn’t have a black studies course. In the history department, considering it is an HBCU. In the 2007-2008 school year, they have added a Black studies class as a minor.Dr. Nikki Brown, director of the history department, stated that it will eventually become a major. GSU had a black studies program in the 70’s and in the 80’s however it discontinued in 84.

“Black studies is a foundation.” Brown said. “Black studies gave rise to other ethnicities studies.
“There is underway a lot of interest to establish a major.”

Some of the required courses in the black studies minor are: Hist 319: African-American History 1877, Hist 320: African-American History since 1877, Hum 200: African Culture which is taught by Dr. Teresa Washington, and Psy 210: Introduction to black/African psychology is taught by Dr. Daudi Azibo.

These classes are considered to be a great addition to the history department. The courses are slated to teach a lot of students about their heritage and where there ancestors are from.

Kimberly Cox, a freshman from West Covina, Calif., stated, “I’m happy that they do have those certain classes involved inside the school, but I was disappointed that when I was trying to sign up there was only one class available.

“You would think that since you are attending a Black college there would be an entire department devoted to black studies. It was shocking to me. You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.”

According to Erica Gipson, a freshman from Simmesport said, “It’s a good thing to have a black studies course. We need to learn more about our history. I feel that they shouldn’t have discontinued the class in the first place.”

Edwina Thompson from Los Angeles, said, “I think it’s excellent they have added a black studies course. Black people need to learn more about their black history so I am glad they brought the class back. It will help us in the long run.