Students excited about dorms, have complaints

Upgrading its status with new admission standards and new dormitories, Grambling State University is hitting the ground running.The occupants of Tiger Village have access to features that past Gramblinites did not receive. The 1,000 dorms provide living experiences that Gramblinites can brag about.

“When I came to GSU in 2003 the only thing we had close to nice dorms was Douglass,” Senior Marcus Evans said. “It is about time that Grambling did something to advance the university.”

Students have all-new, suite-style residences that make living on campus a good thing. Students experience high ceilings, private rooms, a spacious living space and much more.

But with all good things in the world, the negative has to also exist.

Although the majority of the residents of Tiger Village seem to be satisfied, some students have complaints about the new dorms.

“I have been here for two weeks and already, the plumbing system has messed up,” Mario Scats said. “For what we have to pay, I would expect for the dorms to be perfect.”

Junior Angela Pitts claims that not only was her dorm not ready when she arrived for the fall semester, forcing her to spend her first week in a hotel room, her ceiling fan has had problems since she moved in.

Most of the dorm room malfunctions are small but still need to be taken into account in order to make the dorms last as long as possible.

Junior Paul Willins is satisfied with his new living assignment at Tiger Village. “I have no complaints about Tiger Village because I’m happy to see Grambling State University doing something better.

“But I would like to see a small mode of transportation, like a trolley, come pick up students like me that live farther away from classes,” he said.

Anyone who has problem with Tiger Village is told by the Housing Department to report complaints to “The Clubhouse,” located across from Wheatley Hall. But so far, Tiger Village is a success story.