Some people really judge the book by its cover

When I was young (in high school), that’s when I saw boys around school sagging their pants. I would think nothing of it because it just seemed like the normal thing that boys would do. However, as you grow up and become more mature you not only raise the standards for yourself, you also raise your standards for the people who are around you, as well as your ideal mate. When two people decide to date, along with that comes responsibilities and not only are you representing yourself, you are representing your mate as well.

According to The People’s Media company sagging pants are not a hip hop trend, but rather a prison trend. It states, “Sagging pants was never meant to be fashionable. Prisoners wear their pants this low because belts are a popular way to commit suicide by hanging oneself, to hang others, or to use as a weapon in fights.

“Prisoners are also not allowed to have shoestrings for the same reasons. But there is an even more obvious reason why pants are sagging in prison. If the pants are below a man’s bottom, it is to introduce to other men that he is homosexual.”

Although the First Amendment gives us the right to freely express ourselves, I believe that when your freedom disturbs another person’s freedom then no longer is it just about you and your rights, It is about the people who are around you.

Having the grills, sagging pants and earrings in both ears may be the latest styles today, but society believes that men should live up to certain expectations and carry themselves in a certain light.

If these same men are the ones who will someday be the head of households, dominant providers within their families and want to be respected, then they should carry themselves in a respectful manner.

It’s the same as if you had a professor and he came in the classroom with his pants sagging or she came in with a short skirt or a low top that was too revealing.

Would you respect him or her as a teacher? Probably not. It’s all about how you carry yourself, because although people say you should not judge a book by its cover, it does not stop people from doing so.

Ashante` Hyde is a junior mass communication major from Baton Rouge.