Sagging Ain’t Going Nowhere

There appears to be a major “fad” going on. Well.it’s been going on for years and years. Sagging seems to be something that will not disappear. Sometimes, I wonder how can people let their “pants sag down to the floor” as Ma$e once said in “What You Want.”But it appears that it’s attractive for some people, especially the female counterparts. I don’t know what’s attractive about seeing a hairy butt crack, but hey, to each his/her own. Personally, I can’t stand seeing some other dude’s underwear/boxers/crack/etc. If I want to see that, all I have to do is undress in front of a mirror.

The “in” thing appears to be sagging, and it’s been this way for years. Will it ever stop? I highly doubt it. Even though some cities are banning the right to sag, it will continue. Most cities don’t realize that there are different levels of sagging.

The first and most acceptable form of sagging is where the pants are aligned right with the elastic of one’s underwear. Most of the times, you can’t tell that the person is sagging, but that’s the point of having them aligned just right.

The other forms normally show part or all of the buttocks or undergarments covering the buttocks. These forms are the ones that are being outlawed, as not many people want to see it. As one faculty member told me, “I don’t want to see all that while I’m eating!”

I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t either. Nothing like getting the smell of *ahem* while you’re eating. Some people actually believe you can’t smell it. I’m here to tell you, women can. Women have the stronger sense of smell out of the two sexes, so they can pick up a faint scent quickly.

So, what contributes to this “sagging era?” The number one thing everyone will say is hip-hop. This has now become the number 1 excuse for everything. I’m surprised I haven’t heard someone say that hip-hop causes cancer. But seriously, sagging may be prominent in hip-hop, but it hasn’t been traced to it.

Sagging has been traced to prisons. Basically, prisoners let their pants sag due to the fact they didn’t have or weren’t supplied with belts. Once they were released, they continued to let their pants sag, and it caught on like fire. Thus, you have it today where nearly every hood, community, and school has someone that sags.

I’m completely against sagging. I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work. I felt uncomfortable as a man of higher learning letting my pants sag as if I was perpetuating a gangster or thug. I’m neither one, so I’ll keep my pants pulled up and let the others handle that.

I would recommend anyone expecting to get a job at a corporate office to stop sagging. Even though you may do it around your homies and so on, sagging can become “addictive.” You’ll be sagging into a job interview and not know it because your brain is programmed to think that it’s the norm.

But as I said before, to each his/her own. If you want to sag, do you. Everyone has the right to dress how they would like to. But beware; cities are watching you now, and they don’t take sagging lightly.