Leaving the egos at the door

Playing an instrument, remembering steps and orders, and the famous “Grambling Drop” don’ t just come easy without a few 16-hour practices to help remember them. Grambling State University’s World Famed Tiger Marching Band is gearing up for the upcoming season. Days before class actually starts, band members are already on campus learning new music and getting down new routines.

The real life Drumline band camp consists of waking at early morning hours, short breaks, and beating the sun in white T-shirts and black basketball shorts. The estimated 200 members endured over two weeks of 16-hour days of practice.

“You have to go over all that stuff again, it really does help, it’s just tiring,” said Shaun Phillips, a junior from Detroit.

Every day the members had to stick to a strict schedule of learning several drills, marching commands, sectionals, and even a brief period of aerobics to help everyone step into shape for the season.

Freshmen this year had to learn the ropes of becoming involved with one of the country’s most renowned college marching bands. Egos had to be left at the door. Peer authority would take some getting used to. They had to humble themselves for the transition from high school to college.

Not many students realize the hard work and dedication these young men and women put forth in order just to produce the beautiful sound we all know and love.

“It’s hard to juggle band, a job and being a full-time student,” Phillips said. “It helped me learn the importance of time management.”

This year differs in various ways. The band possesses more unity now than ever. Especially now because it is smaller in size.

The student body may also find other factors different about the band this year. The only way to find out is attending each home game to enjoy the halftime show.