It should have been outlawed years ago

Whats up nigga’s? I know many of you may be offended with this particular phrase, but a lot more people are offeneded every day when they see someone walking around with their rear-ends hanging out. That phrase is no different. It’s hateful, offensive and, of course disrespectful. It’s a slap in the face to all of our ancestors fought hard to restore a sense of pride and dignity for us. Their purpose was to make sure that we are treated equally and with justice. And how do we pay our respects by disrespecting the world and basically telling everyone to kiss our (you know what).

In Mansfield, they have just banned saggy pants. Many other places throughout the state as well. This is a bold move by certain parishes. This is a great step into re-creating the image of Black men.

We have been cursed with the idea of thinking that allowing our pants to sag will attract more girls and make us more up to date with a sense of fashion.

Nonetheless, many would consider a law against saggy pants as targeting African-Americans males. Though I would love to agree with this, I find it to be untrue. Saggy pants not only disrespect your surroundings. It’s disrespectful to ourselves and reflects a micro-glimpse into how our parents raised us.

I had a friend who always wondered why it was so difficult to get a job. I simply told him, it’s right before your very eyes. Employer’s judge with their vision first. That first impression gives them a sense of personality and chracater.

We are all here for one purpose which is obtaining a degree from GSU. I want us to be aware of the decisions we make regarding our careers.

Dressing for success for some people has never been easy. But by taking baby steps and starting at the place where we are building our foundation will help us reach our full potential by the time we have attained our educational aspirations.

Many of us wonder every

day why people of the majority ethnic background stereotype us as being illeritate, thugs and thieves.

As black people we must first take a stance in realizing that it’s not about where we come from because we all have a story to tell. It’s more about where we are going. We have to take responsibilty for self.

A faculty member at GSU once said, “If you dress accordingly, maybe you will act accordingly. I would like to piggy-back on that quote and add. “By dressing accordingly, just maybe the world will treat you accordingly.”

Because in the end, the ole saying is true, “You are what you wear.” Church!

DeEric M. Henry is a senior mass communication major from Shreveport.