Delta suspension a disgrace to GSU

With all of the controversy that went on last semester with the Delta Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, it was only a matter of time before the entire chapter was suspended. We, The Gramblinite editors, feel greek life is a big part of the HBCU experience, but no student should be put in harms way trying to complete this humblining experience.

In the dictionary, sorority is defined as a club for women that is chiefly formed for social purposes.

Your founders built the organizations to promote the positive welfare of sisterhood and community service, not to showcase how hard you worked to obtain the letters.

If hazing is a cause for the suspension, not only should you be ashamed of your actions, but we should all be ashamed that a vibrate organization in the community will be extinct for the next three years due to immaturity.

In no way or we saying that the Delta’s are the only organization that have been investigated for partaking in these activities.

Other organizations should be weary of hazing because they too can end up in the same situation as there fellow panhellenic ally.

We need to start upholding our founders principles and setting the tone as leaders. Some Delta’s may be wondering why is the newspaper pointing fingers? It’s because we expect better from you, and every other organizations that has been suspended from a university.

Greek organizations need to realize that they are always being watched. Their actions not only affect them, but they affect the community as well as the other people on this campus that have dreams of becoming apart of a organization during their undergraduate years.

The sad thing about this situation is, this trend will never end, at least not any time soon. That’ our view!