College of Education welcomes 14 new student teachers to GSU

Grambling State University welcomed new students from all over the world last Monday. The College of Education not only welcomed incoming freshmen and transfer students, but 14 new student teachers into the teaching field, during its pre-student teaching week. Gloria Rabon director of the Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences, who also served as the facilitator for the week, talked about her observation of the incoming student teachers.

“This is an interesting group of student teachers. We have a wide range of age levels and subject areas. All seem to be enthusiastic about and committed to teaching”

In their first week the student teachers attended a series of pre-student teaching seminars to prepare them for the semester ahead and their future careers.

“The main purpose (of the seminars) is to review pertinent information that student teachers will use in their assignments,” Says Rabon.

The week started with breakfast and greetings from the various department heads and the dean of the college of education, Dr. Sean Warner.

A resume building seminar was given by Adrienne Willis from the career services center to ready the student teachers for their upcoming job searches. The seminar gave the student teachers tips on how to create a resume that would appeal to recruiters.

Not only was there information on how to get jobs but there were also seminars focusing on professional development, like how to work together with your colleagues. Another special presentation by Dr. Nanthalia McJamerson looked at ways African American history could be incorporated into all areas of teaching. Other seminars focused on “Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Teachers given by Dr. Andolyn B. Harrison, Providing Special Services to Students Educated in Mainstream Classrooms” and Promoting Literacy in the Content Areas given by Dr. Doris Williams-Smith.

“The best presentation during our pre-student teaching week, was the presentation by Kelly Butler. She relayed her point of teachers having to work together for the good of our students and our schools in a fun, innovative way.” Says Leslie Wilkins an elementary education major from Akron.

The new student teachers began their field experiences on Monday, Aug. 27th in their various fields throughout Lincoln Parish.

Joshua Murphy an elementary education major looks back at the week. “This pre-student teaching week helped me by refreshing my memory on everything I learned in my education classes. It also prepared me to step out into student teaching feeling confident and prepared.