President Judson welcomes students

Welcome to Grambling State University.It is my extreme pleasure to welcome all new and returning students to Grambling State University for the 2007 fall semester. We are delighted that you have chosen to further your education here and are looking forward to an enjoyable productive semester.

There are many exciting things that are going on at the institution at this time and will continue throughout the school year. Most excitingly, students are now occupying the new resendential complex which accommodates 1200 students. Construction of Phase II of the project, which will house 800 students, will begin this fall. Also, the renovation process continues on the ultra modern food court and entertainment center which is scheduled to open by October.

We have enhanced our academic programs in an effort to make sure your academic needs are met with the highest quality and we have improved our security process for your safety.

We believe we are touching the future today through you, our students. We challenge you to work hard and to develop yourselves into the best of whatever you want to be. I congratulate you on your decision to accept that challenge.

Have a great semester and, again, WELCOME. I look forward to seeing you throughout the campus.


Horace A. Judson