GSU, I thought you knew!

Welcome to the prestigious Grambling State University, the place where everyone is somebody with a fee sheet. But seriously, I’m glad to see so many eager freshmen who are ready to get started with the school semester. As classes have begun, I feel it is my duty as a graduate student to warn freshmen of the top dangers of flunking out.The first one is common sense: Go to class. Yes, sometimes you may have to miss class, but let your professors know. However, it does not help you at all if you do not go to class until the week before mid-terms. At the same time, it is also not wise to miss so many classes and expect to get a little “help” when you need a few points to pass. (Plus, freshmen and sophomores can be penalized after three unexcused absences. )

Go to class and let your teacher know when you will be missing classes. There are going to be some days where you don’t want to go to class. But, all of those days should not turn into absences. Class is more important than playing Madden all day. And yes, the Internet will still be up and active when class is over.

The second one is pretty easy: Have fun. You are in college, and you are here to learn. But you cannot learn if you don’t have any fun with your college years. These years are some of the best in your life. Do not be like some students (like myself) who worked hard constantly and rarely had much fun.

Balance your classwork and fun time. It’s OK to go to some parties and “get loose,” as T.I. would say, but do it responsibly. Don’t go out and party all night if you have an 8 o’clock class tomorrow and expect to get up on time, knowing you sleep hard. Bottom line is to have fun in college while getting your business handled.

My last tip is very simple: Be smart. In this day and age, there is a flurry of digital cameras, cell phone cameras, cell phone video cameras, etc. If you know that someone is there with a camera and will be taking pictures, do not do anything that you don’t want to be caught doing. You will be caught.

With sites like Facebook and Myspace, it’s easier to access the photos of many amateur and professional photographers. Companies and universities are now looking into social networking sites to see if students are doing something illegal. That means potential employers are using these sites to do background checks. Also, the university “spies” on students posting illegal activities in the dorms.

All in all, just be wise and be careful of the company you keep. If you do these and a few other things, you’ll be fine. Not everyone is your friend at Grambling; remember that. Have a blessed semester and keep repping O’ Grambling, dear Grambling, we love thee dear O’ Grambling.