Subway of Grambling makes a move

Contributing writer A new, larger, more convenient Subway has moved from its previous village location to the once Plateau Records site on R.W.E. Jones drive.
Owner, Roderick Sims, has moved Subway because of space, parking, location and overall better quality service. Although Pizza Xpress, which once shared a space with Subway, was not a part of the move, there will be a variety of new Subway products sold.
The store is closer to campus, so students and teachers can walk or stop by on their way to and from campus.
“I can walk to Subway from my classes in Jacob T. Stewart,” Adicia Dorsey, a senior from Grambling, said.
It is also a bigger store so more people can dine in apart from those carrying out.
“Subway will open earlier and stay open even later and will also offer wifi,” Sims, said.
This will not only give students, teachers and local residents a chance to indulge in freshly prepared food, it will also allow students to take advantage of the free wireless services.
“Because of the free wifi, I can use my laptop while I sit and eat,” said Syreeta Reed, a senior from Ruston.
“The store will also aid students majoring in hotel/restaurant management with internship opportunities as well as student employment,” said Sims.
To provide better quality service, Sims plans to take advantage of the upstairs apartment as his new residence to become more accessible to employees and customers.
Subway’s move will mark a lasting impression in this community as a food service that accommodates and creates opportunities for everyone while serving up appetizing treats.