Local church hosts preparation seminar

Special correspondent New Rocky Valley Baptist Church of Grambling recently hosted a seminar for young ladies ages 6 through 15. This workshop was geared towards helping them to improve their image, acquire good table manners, and exhibit ladylike behavior.
First, the young ladies went and had their hair done at Pat Goin’s Beauty School. This was done to help give them a more positive image and make them feel good about themselves.
Jackie Sumler, first lady of the New Rocky Valley, talked to participants about ladylike behavior.
Afterwards, there was a table manners and etiquette seminar. The young ladies had a meal served by courses. They had soup, a main entree, and dessert.
Hazel Hunter, chairperson of the deaconess and hospitality ministries at New Rocky Valley, hosted the seminar. “The young ladies learned to use their utensils, which was the main purpose of this seminar. Seminars such as this one are very important to help young ladies improve their images. Also good etiquette and table manners, speak volumes,” she said.
“Also, they are life-learning skills. Good manners can improve your image if you go out in a public setting such as a job interview, banquet or date,” she said.
Hunter has a Bachelors from Grambling State University and a master of science degree from Louisiana Tech University in consumer sciences. She has been hosting etiquette seminars for over 30 years. She usually conducts them for social, non-profit groups such as sororities and churches. Also, she has done them for Miss Grambling and Miss Bayou Classic contestants, as well as other contestants, even those vying for the title of Miss Louisiana.
Hunter said, “We host such seminars whenever we feel that there is a need for one. This is for the youth and children department.”
The youth and children directors are Stephanie Franklin and Connie Wright. Jeanette Hutchinson, Eddie Milton Jones, Louise Williams, Debra Minnifield and Linda Franklin also assisted with the program.