Freshmen talk about first Grambling experience

Contributing writer Although starting at a new school presents many challenges, summer school freshmen were happy they decided to come to Grambling.
When asked how their first summer at Grambling State University was going, and why they chose to come to GSU, most said they came because of the school’s good reputation and because of a family tradition, but some had a little more to say.
Maurice Davenport, a freshman from Atlantic City, NJ, explained that he came to GSU for different reasons.
“I basically came because this is some place I’ve always wanted to go. I’m here because of God’s grace. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m here, and I wanted to try out for football,” Davenport said.
He further explained that his summer has been great. It was easy to adjust to the heat; it was easy to make friends, and GSU’s staff makes it easy for im to do what he has to do. “Things aren’t too different from where I’m from,” he said.
Fredrick Handy, a freshman from Rayville, decided to come to Grambling for a different reason. Handy said, “I chose Grambling because Southern was full, and Grambling has better girls.” As far as his summer he says,”It’s great because I’m enjoying the scenery on the campus and the great company of all the girls. Being at GSU, I realized that there are so many cultures in the world that I had not experienced and while I’ve been at GSU. I’ve experienced various types of fun activity. If I were asked by anyone what college to attend I would tell them Southern.