Beapers join anthropology class in project

Contributing writer As one of the summer activities, GSU’s Black Empowerment Program (BEAP) recently assisted Dr. Frances Staten’s sociology and anthropology classes with their class project of displaying American flags at each light pole on R.W.E. Jones Drive of the campus.
The students in the classes also wrote an essay on, “The Significance of Independence Day: An application of Sociological and Anthropological Theories and Concepts.”
Besides working with the classes, the Beapers will receive training in producing a newsletter and further their mathematical and attitudinal-behavioral skills, through workshops conducted by Dr. Sharon Ford, Dr. Evelyn Wynn, Joice Dunn, Dr. Ronnie Davis and Dr. Lawanna Gunn-Williams, respectively.
They will also continue their ongoing apprenticeship training/or service learning activities at the University, Lincoln Council on Aging, Princeton/Long Leaf Long Term Care Facilities, and at selected rural black church cemeteries – planting flowers/gathering social data from monuments/tombs or grave markers, and will be supervised by a designated staff person of the stated social/health agencies, and the director of BEAP/ student coordinator.
Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will receive up to $200 stipend for school supplies. The number of stipends and the amount awarded will depend upon the number of sponsorships received. BEAP has been mainly supported by donations received from the 500 club – comprising of individuals who donated five hundred dollars over a period of five years or a one-time donation of the same amount, and Grambling State University’s faculty, staff, administrators, student organizations and friends in the Grambling community.
“We need your support to keep the BEAP going. Your donation will be used for stipends and scholarships, which are awarded at the BEAP’s summer, job apprenticeship awards ceremony in August,” said Staten.
At the ceremony, all sponsors will be recognized in a photo-essay fundraiser book for helping to empower youth-at-risk in the new millennium.