The trouble we go through molds us for better things

We call ourselves the United States. Yet, every state has something different in its laws. Sometimes, I wonder why can’t they have the same laws for all 50 states. The answer came in the strangest way. The weather and its power, two ladies by the name of Katrina, in New Orleans and Rita along the Mississippi Coast. This tragedy brought out a variety of personalities, reactions, good and otherwise. Truly, I do not want to use the word bad for those going through such a drastic situation. This includes those miles away. Many still have strong feelings pro and con about the outcome of this natural disaster. This may be an odd way to think about this special season. Before I do anything may prayers are a simple question, “Lord, direct me.” For some reason some of the attitudes, and hate, is seeping back into our way of life. Law after law is forcing people to think certain ways or pay the price. If you recall an article in a southern newspaper dated Friday July 18, 1975, mail was intercepted and read. Something has happened to the three words. TRUST, CHOICE, AND RESPECT. Inserting, every human being on this earth is made up the same way. Oh a few my have slanted eyes, broad nose, different color eyes, but the basic make up is the same all over the world, have you thought about it. We all have one head, one heart, one mouth, everything else two. Eyes, ears, arms liver, legs, you follow me? We all cry alike, laugh, eat, walk, you name it, the basic needs are the same. This special season is honoring a baby born in humble setting, some today would have looked down on. The birth is a miracle; today, some question and will not recognize. This is nothing new. Those who believe, have seen and experienced for themselves the warnings for centuries and what to expect. The Biblical prophecies for centuries were closed and sealed until now. This nation was born as a direct result of the prayers of Christians. Today’s world shaking events we have absolutely no control over or conception where these events are leading. This includes our children and mother nature. One thing I am not going to do is question all of these events which separate divides and even brings us together. Think about it; 50 or 60 years ago, many of us would not have believed that man could reach all of the continents within a few days. This alone has helped us see, live, and learn about those around the world. Many of the things we do and wat, are acquired from others. Blacks learned about Kwanzaa, a family holiday created in the USA in 1966, by California State University professor Maulana Karen’s, Black Studies classes. Kwanzaa is Swahili which means first. This is a seven day celebration starting the day after Christmas. December 26 to January 1. Many blend this with their Christmas celebration. Red and green plus black for Kwanzaa. It’s so sad the world has gotten smaller because of the skills of many. We are meeting people of all nationalities. Each should be respected for their beliefs. All do not recognize Christ which gave us our Christmas. Sad because some are trying to force their beliefs on others. Then as now because of the problems in Babel, God mixed the language which confused the language of the whole world. We do not have to accept but respect. Remember the sacrifice C to C christ plus the cross. All in the name of love. Have a happy and blessed holiday but do keep Christ in Christmas.


Thelma Alice Smith Washington Williams is a retired Grambling State educator.