Super Job Fair and College Fair yields low attendance

The Super Job Fair and College Job Fair was once again a great success for the XXXIII State Farm Bayou Classic. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to mix and mingle with students from other schools and also grasp the opportunity to gain employment or search for a college.

Rebeka L. Hughes, event coordinator for the Super and College Job fair said, “We put together all the Bayou Classic events. This is our fourth year coordinating the Super Job Fair and College Job Fair. We begin the job fair(s) to give students and families the opportunity to see the representatives of various schools and give them (the students) a head start with their college career.”

Upon entering the fair each participant was asked to fill out a card.

“We asked each participant to fill out an information card so that we could keep up with them throughout the years and see if the super job and college fair was beneficial,” said Hughes

There were 19 schools in attendance for the college fair, such as Alabama A&M. Clark Atlanta, Fort Valley State University, Mississippi Valley State, Fisk University, and Howard University. The number of schools has increased over the years.

Hughes stated that, she only hopes that the number will continue to grow in the future.

“This is my first time attending the Bayou Classic Job Fair.” said Sharrod Fomby of Forth Worth, Texas.

“I am not sure what to expect,” she said.

Leslie Randle, admissions counselor and recruiter for Grambling State University said, “Attendance is low right now, but we are expecting to see a lot of people this year being that the Bayou Classic is back at home. It’s wonderful to be back in New Orleans. Giving back to my institution is the greatest feeling in the world.”

There were over 15 businesses and corporations in attendance at the Super Job Fair.

A number of students were upset with the selection of businesses they had to choose from, which may account for the lower than expected turnout.

Despite the selection of businesses, students were eager to gain employment. Trevonna Morgan, a senior from Florida A&M University said, “I’m originally from New Orleans so I’ve been coming to the Bayou Classic every year that it has been here. I came to the job fair this year to check out the opportunities that are available.”

A representative from CoCa-Cola stated, “We want to support HBCU’s. The community buys our products so it’s only fair that we give back to the community that gives so much to us.”

Recent graduate Solomon Watkins said, “I am fresh out of school. My family and I decided to come to the Bayou Classic so while here I decided to attend the job fair to see what kind of opportunities it offered.”

Walgreens Drug Store was also in attendance.

“We have been participating with the Bayou Classic for some time now. We support and love HBCU’s as well as the SWAC. We want to expose students and recent graduates to the opportunities that Walgreens have to offer,” said Eddie Poindexter, a Walgreens spokesperson.