SGA president sends message to student body

To the student body of GSU:On The Gramblinite’s mid-term report card (published Oct. 19), the Student Government Association received an F, supposedly because we did not provide enough ACTIVITIES for the students. We are not the organization that provides student activities; that is the role of the Favrot Student Union Board. It is the responsibility of the SGA to serve as the liaison between the university’s administration and to address student concerns and issues (i.e., housing, financial aid). Therefore, I took the opportunity to address the miscommunication of our role and responsibilities during the SGA Assembly on Nov. 7. During my State of the Association address, I presented the major projects that the SGA has taken an active role in this semester, including:n Student Housing Concerns from August 2006n Extreme Spring Breakn “R U Ready?” Campaignn Student Concerns Forum held in September (attended by less than 25 people)n SGA Big Eventn Graduate Student Government AssociationThe SGA also provided water to the band, cheerleaders and Orchesis and, along with FSUB, sponsored game trips for students (with bus seats and hotel rooms left empty because students did not show up to claim their FREE tickets, travel and room).Other issues addressed by the SGA include: n Student fee for parking on campus during home games (we were to be charged $5)n Student Union Annex Feen Student organizational funding n Nursing students concernsThe SGA also recruits inner city youth to GSU at away football games during season.In my remarks regarding The Gramblinite’s mid-term report card, I said that the role of the SGA is not to “have a Walk-it-Out competition” in the Black & Gold Room, but rather to ensure that the student treatment is fair and in consistent with university procedure. The SGA is there to serve as that student’s advocate. For those who read the subsequent article, “Censorship can be a dangerous thing” printed in the Nov. 9 issue of The Gramblinite, I’m sure you have your own opinions about the information that was presented to you. The SGA and FSUB attended the weekly meeting of The Gramblinite the following Monday to discuss not only the “Censorship” article, but the article titled “Banned but not silenced” from the same issue. No resolution was reached during the one-and-a-half-hour meeting. However, many things have become clear. Personal differences have been the cause of the public backlash against the Student Government Association, the Favrot Student Union Board and the elected and appointed officials of each. While I understand and respect that The Gramblinite encourages students and journalists to express their opinions, I also acknowledge that the opinions expressed should not be done in such a way that sensationalizes personal grievances among a few people. At the end of the road, at the final mile, the ONLY opinion that truly matters is not that of The Gramblinite, or of the SGA and FSUB, but that of the student.I encourage all who read my words, to seek the truth, because down that road is a brighter day for Grambling State University.In the true spirit of leadership and service,- Alexier BarbourPresident, Student Government Association