‘Happy Valley High’ play under way


Monday Nov. 27 marked the opening of another play “Happy Valley High” presented by the College of Arts and Sciences and GSU The Speech and Theatre Department.

The musical, which was set in 1959, with an original 50’s musical score, was a play that took place in Happy valley and many of the characters were high school students at Happy Valley High. Teenage love, football, and cheerleading all was apart of the show.

There also was another story, a love story. In the beginning we are introduced to two characters in 1944, one a sailor who is going to war and the other a woman who was letting a new found love go not knowing if she would ever see him again. More about them and the rest of the cast are revealed as the plot unfolds.

Despite the talking in the crowd, the play went well and the audience seemed to enjoy the play. Preston Jones a sophomore comments on the play. “Very entertaining! The actingwas superb.”

June Wilson who played Olie said” It was fun and delightful and a great play for the kids”

The second production of the semester Happy Valley High will be showing at 7 p.m. in the Floyd L. Sandle Theatre in Dunbar Hall until the first of December.