Grooves hold women’s appreciation

The gentlemen of Groove Phi Groove met the young ladies at the door of the Black and Gold Room with a single white rose and escorted them to their seats. As the lights dimmed, soft music played. The voice of Harold Green flowed over the audience with the poem, “Essence of a Woman.”

The members of Groove Phi Groove performed skits about men and women situations from day to day activities.

The organization has held Women’s Appreciation Night for the last six years.

“We are just trying to keep the torch burning,” said LeVell Elmore, a Groove member from Queens.

Elmore said the qualifications for the award are based on the woman’s achievements, their community service, and leadership.

“To me, the whole program was nice. They were gentlemen which really set the mood such as escorting you to your seat and giving you a rose. Other organizations who have held women’s appreciation night was nothing like this. This was the best,” said Aigher Edgerson, a Groove member.

The men of Groove Phi Groove: Justin Henry, Greg Williams, and Mario Ramirez presented awards of achievements to Crystal Ballard and Ashley Curry.

“I really enjoyed the program. My favorite part of the night was the skits because they were very similar to real life experiences. I was surprised and unaware of the presentation presented to me by the brothers of Groove Phi Groove. I was very thankful,” said Ballard.

Members of the organization agreed that it is always a pleasure to do something special for the ladies. Young ladies do not know how it feels to be appreciated. They are so use to being treated negatively; they forget how it feels to be appreciated.

“I was aware of the invitation given to the chapter of Zeta Phi Beta to show their appreciation. Altogether, it was a wonderful event. My favorite part was the skits and them just being gentlemen. It showed that there are still gentlemen in the world,” said Curry, president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.