‘Divas of Soul’ dance camp comes to GSU

Old friends reunited and held a dance camp for the Orchesis Dance Company. Christopher Huggins and Dianne M. Grigsby was apart of the same dance company Alvin Ailey American dance company.

Dancer, teacher and choreographer Huggins is currently a resident choreographer for the Duke Ellington School of the Arts High School in Washington, D.C. will teach master dance classes and choreograph a new work on the Orchesis Dance company titled “Divas of Soul.”

Huggins experience in dance is extensive and spans over 18 years. He started out dancing in high school and from there he knew that’s what he wanted to do. Huggins has travel around the world and dance with prestige companies.

Grigsby who the instructor for the Orchesis Company says having him here working with the young ladies was the best thing for the company.

“Huggins is very passion about his work, and he can reinforce information that I share with the students, also share the knowledge that Huggins learns from dancing,” said Grigsby.

She adds that he takes time to work with each student even the one who not the best but there teachable.

Huggins is very passion and the choice of music and the movement’s style some can be challenging for the young ladies, but its what the ladies need to see.

Senior Leshundra Britt says having Mr. Huggins here was great he’s very easy person to work with and he is passion about his work.

“Coming to Grambling State University was a pleasure and working with a old friend was great and I look forward to working with Mrs. Grigsby,” said Huggins.