Campus media tour Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – Grambling State and Southern universities returned to New Orleans for the Bayou Classic this year. But beyond the French Quarter, the Superdome and the Central Business District, the city has yet to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Some families have returned to the city and some have relocated. But wherever they ended up, most had to start their lives over. Many families did return to the place they called home for Thanksgiving and for a good old fashion game of football. Students from The Gramblinite and the GSU TV Center, in town for the Bayou Classic, got the opportunity to tour the city. “This is still home and we plan on rebuilding in the Lower Ninth Ward when the city gives the OK to rebuild,” said Shelby Toney. Meanwhile, local businesses and the New Orleans Police Department are recovering as well. But there is still a lot to do, said Sergeant Clark of Marksville. The NOPD and the National Guard work together to protect the city and its citizens. Sergeant Clark said crime in New Orleans goes up and down, but the city is coming along fairly well since last year. Driving through the city, you can still see many homes that bear the “X” mark that indicated the date the home was checked and the number of casualties found there. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, put signs of hope and optimism can be seen. On Caffin Street, a family sat on their porch with a Bible and praying.