Union board president sends message to student body

Greetings, The Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) hopes that you have had a successful semester and pray that each of you enjoy your break. This year we have been working with the mission: Enhancing Our Committees. FSUB has committed itself to listening and involving our committee members more now than before. Realizing that our greatest resource is our committee members, we have involved them in helping to improve our talent showcase, prepare proposals, and design our t-shirts. We have also used their networks with other organizations on the campus to provide some services for our events. Aside from the traditional concert, talent show, step show, comedy show, movies, and tournaments that we provide, we have added an extra free concert, brought Cingular and BET to our campus, an outside theater, increased our number of small-scaled weekly activities, hosted a Casino with live entertainment and food, given away more prizes and sponsored more bus trips (free stuff) than ever before, and worked with a host of other projects. We are developing FSUB to go beyond the expected. There are those of the opinion that we do not do enough. I feel that this dissatisfaction comes from, more than likely, a lack of being informed and involved. Whatever the case may be, vilifying and slandering our performance due to your lack of knowledge or ignorance is not really constructive criticism, nor does it build up and encourage your fellow students to continue to strive toward the goal of excellence, which is the philosophy of the university. Furthermore, college is a place for us all to learn and to grow, and mistakes are expected to occur. It is best not to pass judgment on something without first doing the proper research, then formulating an opinion based on the research, especially when you are not at 100%. And I will go on to say if we are not doing a satisfactory job on our events, then stop asking to get into events for free. With that being said, FSUB has committed itself to continue to provide excellent programming. Although we have put in more hours that we would like to, we did it to ensure that we had a fun year. Also, we are now in the process of planning for the spring semester, and I would like to extend to you an invitation to join one of our committees and help fulfill our mission. With a new semester comes a new view and additions to our mission: Enhancing Committees with a Greater Commitment. Your help would be greatly appreciated as we do greater works. Join our team and become actively involved in what we do. The answer to your dissatisfactions is to get involved and contribute to the committees. Applications and information can be obtained on the second floor of the Student Union. I look forward to working with you in the semester to come. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 318-274-2485 or at RevMJH@aol.com. Rev. Melvin J. Harrison_” President, Favrot Student Union Board