The portrayal of the Mother Land

Of recent, I have noticed with awe, disgust and utter disappointment the way Africa and Africans are being portrayed by ignorant people.

I have watched stand up comedy by Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, Eddie Griffin and their likes. These comedians relatively dissed the Motherland and its inhabitants. The continent where the origin of Man evolved, the continent where white Europeans took their ancestors as slaves into the new world.

Recently at the last Homecoming Comedy show, one of the comedians did the same thing. Yes I agree it’s all about jokes, making people laugh; it was funny though, I laughed but I was sensitive. In reality what these comedians say is far from the truth; yet ignorant people still tend to believe all what they say.

I watch white comedians too and I’m still yet to find them dissing Europe, their place of origin even though Europe has a few of the poorest nations in the world like Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.

I also see how some few White dominated Media and Scholars are portraying the Motherland. These hypocritical media channels show the villages, the most rural of areas when making documentaries about the continent failing to show the big cities and urban life.

I heard how they tried to deceive people that Egypt is not an African country. How pathetic! They know why, is it because Ancient civilization originated in Egypt? Or to disprove any air of controversy about the background of Christ?

We all know that after Christs’ birth, he was taken to Egypt in Africa, so an African background is in him. Jesus is from the tribe of Judah. Judah is one of the 12 sons of Jacob that migrated from their land to settle down in Egypt during the years of famine. The Israelites had mixed with the Egyptians during and years after JosephA®s reign as Governor of Egypt. Moses was an Egyptian by birth, but an Israelite. Ruth who was the grand mother of King David was from the land of Moab. The Moabites were originally from Egypt before they migrated. Jesus was from the lineage of King David according to Matthew.

So is the media trying to erase history, by denying the genealogy of Jesus, which was linked with Africa?

Don’t let people and the media deceive you about Africa. There are sky scrappers, hotels, casinos, malls, restaurants, fast food, fast cars, clubhouses, Super domes, airports and every other thing one can imagine down there. It is fascinating sometimes when I chat with good friends I made here but they are ignorant of certain things. They ask me unreasonable questions like, Do you live on trees? Do you walk naked? Do you see lions on the road? I laugh at them sometimes; they say that’s what they see on TV.

This is what I ask them: Are all African American young males thugs, gangsters, love hip-hop, do drugs, high school and college drop-outs, hold weapons, and smoke weed? Are all young African American females promiscuous, gold diggers, and flirts? Because this is what I see on BET, the answer of course is no because I know a whole lot of sensible African Americans.

So if the media didn’t fool me, why is it fooling you? Ignorance is a terrible thing and to be ignorant of one’s ignorance is always the malady of the ignorant.