Let’s give thanks back to giving


Something has happened to our special days. The truth is we seem to have less respect for those things our ancestors felt were important. They were the special something which gave them courage, determination, and faith.

It gave them the strength to BELIEVE, they could carry on and to APPRECIATE what they had. Few things were taken for granted. Usually God gets the glory. Yet, so many laws of the land have weakened our morals and morale.

It seems parents, schools, almost everything about our America is controlled; little room is left for creativity and freedom of thinking (especially) out loud. Everything seemingly is liable for a law suit, this alone has destroyed the spirit of wanting to give and trusting. Believe it or not there is something magic about our holidays in America.

In 1621, in Massachusetts the first day of Thanksgiving was observed at Plymouth. In appreciation to God, the Pilgrims set aside a day for feasting and thanksgiving. Led by Governor William Bradford, it was President George Washington who set aside in 1780, for the first national day (the second Monday in October is the official day of Thanksgiving).

What has happened? We seem to be greedy, selfish, self-centered, little respect for churches, schools, leaders, and parents. Today it seems as though honor and truth are just words. Everyday we see where the values are. Observe the pews in the churches, and the stadiums on Saturday.

Yes, the land of the free has a variety of nationalities, this is no reason to force ourselves on each other, we still have a word called CHOICE. Many more laws, that word will be out of the dictionary and out of our way of life. Let us not forget, over 3,000 years ago, man was sent the message that all nations would soon forget the true source of their blessings.

Too much comes too easy, so we take too much for granted. President Calvin Coolidge told us, “prosperity is only a instrument to be used not a deity to be worshiped.” He also stated, “No person was ever honored for what he received honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

This year, take the time to say thanks, remember we have had some powerful natural reminders not to take anything for granted, the water we drink, some of the food we eat, and the true friends we have.

Truly we are the instant civilization with a short fuse. The greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others is kindness and understanding. Psalms 46:10 will help each of us, if we will take the time to be still.

Thanks comes in so many ways. Next week remember to take the time to give THANKS. Give back THANKS into Thanksgiving. Bless each of you and most of all God bless GSU.