Bush checked in mid-term election

Like in the game of chess, Bush has been checked. Mid-term election was a verdict against Bush foreign and domestic policy.

Democrats not only won the House of Representatives, they also won the Senate to everyone’s surprise. Bush was so arrogant and his policies were so much colluded for the rich and powerful, he almost forgot the common people and their daily struggle with life. Yes, everyone in power should know (Democrats included) in America, people give the final verdict in election and decides who should be in power and who should be out of power.

Bush and his fellow cronies have forgotten that this country is based on check and balance. It’s not a monarchy or something like that. This Mid -term election was a mandate against the Iraq war _” a manufactured war designed by neo-cons and bullheaded by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and company. I hope America recovers her image abroad and something good happens in Iraq soon. It’s good that Rumsfeld has resigned. It’s good that Bush has been tamed. American people will give Bush some benefit of the doubt, if he behaves appropriately _” although I have my doubts. It’s the problem of being born with a silver foot in the mouth.

Since 911, it seemed like Bush was unbeatable. He took full advantage of people’s fear and played the game so effectively, his party became majority in the Senate in 2002 _” in addition to Republican majority in the House. He got himself reelected as President in 2004 by scare tactics. Backed by his ideologue mindset and more ideologue advisors, he gambled successfully and ran America as if he owned the country. Differing with him was unpatriotic at worst and silly at best.

The 911 attack was a gift from heaven for Bush, who did not receive majority votes in the presidential election in 2000. To him and his coterie of friends _” it did not matter anyway. Their agenda was not for all of America to begin with. They were more interested in serving their piece of territory _” does not matter what happens to the common people.

According to the US Constitution, the Congress is supposed to pass legislation for the welfare of the people _” not for the welfare of the few powerful. This Congress should urgently move on to increase the minimum wage (not increased for a decade), giving power to Medicare to negotiate (banned by Republican Congress) for reduced drug price for senior citizens, low interest rate loan for students, prudent immigration reform, and habeas corpus for everyone. In the long term context, the Congress must come up with some package for universal healthcare for everyone and reverse the tax credits for the rich and wealthy. We have to keep in mind in USA; the top 10% control 90% of the wealth. The government does not need to work for the top. They are in the top anyway. The government should work for everyone, with more focus for people who are part of working, gray and middle class.

Wrath of free and fair election is more powerful than the autocratic wrath of some Republicans when they were holding powers. It is irony that people in power forget that a time will come when they will be on the other side of the bench. Republicans have shown so much arrogance. Some of their behavior was outright silly. They wrote legislation by keeping Democrats in total darkness. Sometimes, literally insulting minority ranking members by totally shutting them from the legislative discussion. Nancy Pelosi said it rightly this election victory is “not about getting even”. With election victory, Democrats should sensibly use their new found power for the benefit of all.

Election is a beautiful thing _” it’s a celebration of democracy. Who said democracy is bad? A government of the people by the people and for the people is as good as it could be. In a fre election, people’s voice is almost like divine voice.


Dr. Nasir Ahmed is a professor of public administration in the GSU Political Science Department.