An open letter to the GSU family

The Rev. Connie Breaux

Campus Ministry


Dear Grambling students and staff:

Campus Ministry recently moved into Robinson Hall with hopes of making it its permanent home. Just recently we were informed by our director that we should not get too comfortable because it seems we will be moved again (the sixth move for Campus Ministry!). Is this fair? People don’t understand how Campus Ministry has touched the lives of many staff and faculty. Campus Ministry has been able to reach many students, provide a place to develop leadership skills, study, do missions, and create friendships (all within the confines of Robinson) with a home environment. It seems that no matter how hard our director tries to provide us with a safe place of refuge for community and faith development, there is always someone who wants to give the ministry a hard time.

It is amazing how no one wanted the space before members of Campus Ministry came in and cleaned it up.We beautified Robinson Hall by disposing of trash, sanitizing the facility and even made use of furniture that no one else wanted. Now that we are up and operating with 100+ members (including Internet members via Facebook), we are presented with the dilemma that we may not have a place for them to be in community. What fails to be seen by the administrative staff is that we not only serve one denomination, we serve them all. Currently, we are occupying 2500 square feet and need more. We serve not only serve Hunter-Robinson, but the entire campus. The real question is, how is Campus Ministry going to be able to provide adequate services to students without the proper space?

Compared to other Campus Ministries across Louisiana, we are able to provide hospitality services as well as fellowship and rooms for reservation. It seems that there will be a step back for us, confining us to a small place with inadequate facilities for prayer and praise. It is a miracle that Campus Ministry has been serving GSU for 25 years without adequate facilities, despite the fact that Campus Ministry now stands on the mission of founding leaders through social services, educational development and spiritual growth. We stand in partnership with LSU, McNeese, University of Louisiana-Monroe, Tennessee State, Jackson State and Alcorn.

Here is a brief overview of some of the things Campus Ministry has done and organizations they have been involved with this semester:

n Epiphany

n Children’s Methodist Home

n The Guest Care Home for Senior Citizens

n Campus Ministry Week

n Women’s luncheon

n Men’s luncheon

n Breast Cancer Walk

n Stork’s Nest

n Leadership Meeting

n Vesper Hour

n Midnight Breakfast

n Angel Tree

n Voter Registration

n High School Day

n Prayer Pillows

n United Methodist Women’s Conference and United Methodist Student Movement

n S.W.A.T. (Students With a Testimony that represent Grambling recruiting as well as providing a resource mission to the community)

n Helping provide a safe community for international students

n Being able to meet the needs of students who seek employment by networking with civic and social justice organizations

n Men of Integrity

n Rebecca’s Circle

n D.A.R.T.

We ask that you keep Campus Ministry in your prayers. Pray for those who wish to take the space in Robinson Hall that we have worked so hard to attain. What other safe group could be here in the dormitory providing services to students, not only to Hunter-Robinson but to all students who pass our doorstep? We offer a haven for the hungry, the sick and anyone who needs a positive environment to grow spiritually, mentally and physically while away from home.