What does it take to be No. 1?

Here we are at Week 10 with no front runner in the NFL. Sure Indianapolis is undefeated but one might remember them having the same record this time last year. Due to last year’s choke act, I’M NOT CONVINCED. There is one team that is making noise and has a lot to prove the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers after going 0-2 without Steve Smith, who was sitting out due to injury; have gone 4-2 since. What happened to the defending Super Bowl Champions? Many have compared their 2-6 record to a post Super Bowl hangover, I say they are just a victim of their own cockiness. Do they really need The Bus that bad? Yes, the are playing like they the have to walk to every game. At this point I would give the number one by default to the Bears. But it’s the NFL. Only time will tell.Week 10 power rankings1. Bears – By default. They had a potentially major set back after last weeks loss. But they didn’t go undefeated in ‘85.2. Colts – Unproven. After last seasons choke act I am not convinced that they have the heart to get a championship.3. Giants – WOW! They have really surprised a lot of people but will they still be here next week, Amani Toomer is out for the season with a partially torn ACL.4. Broncos – It’s about time. The Broncos are finally doing what they should have been two years ago. But will the do what they do every year. Reference the Colts.5. Ravens – Defense! The defense is back to the glory days of a few years ago, with a new Steve Mcnair semi-improved offense.The rest of the league6. Chargers 7. Falcons 8. Saints 9. Patriots10. Bengals11. Chiefs 12. Seahawks13. Jaguars14. Cowboys15. Eagles16. Vikings17. Jets18. Panthers19. Rams20. Redskins21. Packers22. 49ers23. Bills24. Dolphins25. Steelers26. Lions27. Browns28. Titans29. Buccaneers30. Texans31. Raiders32. Cardinals