Wendell’s Sports Rap

It was story of three blind mice – again It has happened again. For those who do not know, please take a seat and let me explain it to you. If you were not in attendance at last week’s Grambling game, then you certainly don’t know what I am talking about so let me inform you. During Grambling’s game against TSU, I was disgusted to be a witness to the outrageously bad calls that the SWAC referees made in the Grambling-TSU game. Not only did they make bad calls but they made them when they hurt Grambling the most. Drive after drive and big play after big play was negated by horrible call after horrible call throughout the game, and the refs made absolutely no effort to converse and come up with something like the right call. I was totally disgusted with the fact that the referees were allowed and have been allowed all season to make horrible calls without being punished for them. I cannot believe that the SWAC officials have not seen the need to reprimand these referees for the atrocious calls that have been made this season. The referees made so many horrible calls that it was virtually impossible for the G-Men to walk away with a victory against because the refs made most of their bad calls in the fourth quarter when it really mattered the most to Grambling. After shutting out the TSU offense for the majority of the second half, the Tigers managed to close the gap between them and TSU coming to within five points of the lead with about four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Overturned fumble calls, bad spots and generally bad refereeing if that is a word by Saturday’s officials cost GSU a game that they so desperately needed to keep their SWAC championship dreams alive. As much as I hate to say it, it almost seemed as if the refs wanted TSU to win the game with the calls that they were making. I would hate to think that in a conference as small as the SWAC there would even be a thought by an official to make calls to adversely effect the outcome of a contest whether it be for monetary or material gain. I sincerely hope that the individual in charge of reviewing calls made by refs and handing down punishments that are deemed necessary for blatant bad calls that are made will take a look at the video from last weekends game and adequately punish all refs that are responsible for the outcome of the game. One other suggestion that I have is for the people of power in the SWAC office to get up off their asses and pop for some instant replay equipment for next season because we certainly need it. Maybe one day we will have the luxury of being able to review plays in the SWAC and come up with the right calls so that problems with refs can be negated in the future. But, hey, I am just a sportswriter, and being a former football player myself won’t give me any knowledge of the game, right?Wendell Graves is a graduate student from Shreveport.