My view : Encouraging one another can go a long way in life!

Being a student at Grambling State University is one thing, but being a parent is another. It’s not inhumane or abnormal to be a mother or father while attending school. I actually think it’s a tremendous thing. I believe that parenting and achieving your goals are notable, because there are so many teens and young adults who don’t believe that they can attend school while taking care of a family. According to mothers I know, most give up hope on finishing childhood dreams because they feel that they have to work to take care of the children. In most cases this is correct, but there are programs set up to assist parents who need assistance with child care. In no way am I telling students to get pregnant; all I am saying is have respect for parents who take care of families and attend school. I believe we all know someone back home who is a parent and feels like they can’t make it in school because they have a full load. How about we start encouraging them. We can use some of our friends that we know are setting the example as a model for them to do it. Remember, we have had someone to encourage us at times when we felt like an obstacle was too much for us to overcome. Parents should keep up the good work, whether male or female. I can’t imagine the job you have on your hands. We all have to stick together to better our community. And if that means helping one soul at a time, so be it.