Homecoming Quotes

“When you come back for Homecoming, you get an incredible feeling. The game is really something you miss and can’t wait to be a part of.”

-Corey Chambers,

attorney and alumnus

from Chicago


“Homecoming at Grambling is always a memorable experience.”

– Herve` Hicintuka,

senior electrical

engineering technology major from Burundi


“It was better last year.”

– Tamanesha Thomas, sophomore marketing

major from Ville Platte


“I was shocked to see such a large crowd for Homecoming. I enjoyed seeing my little brother perform with the band at halftime, although I was disappointed that the football team lost.”

– Dorlisa Randolph, accountant and alumna

from Dallas


“I’m glad to see action taken on improvements around campus. I can’t wait to see our new dorms.”

– Preston Burney, sophomore chemistry

major from Dallas


“I feel good about Homecoming because it is a good thing for students to unwind and learn about the school and meet people. I like the pride that people have in the school.”

– Stacy Cassius,

freshman psychology

major from St. Lucia


“To see the parade makes me have great respect in what GSU stands for. … GSU is an institution where there is great unity and a strong sense of pride.”

– Delores Guidry-Douglas, alumna

from Portland, Ore.


“It’s been so much fun, coming back to be with friends.”

– Bianca Graves,

former GSU exchange student from the University of Arizona


“This really feels like a family reunion. We can all come back and be together just like we did 20 years ago.”

– Terri Gilyard,

alumna from Oklahoma City


“The most important thing I like about Homecoming is seeing all my fraternity brothers, old and new.”

– Kenny Pierce,

cameraman and

alumnus from Chicago


“It’s so good to see the youth getting involved in the parade. Besides the cold weather, everything was great.”

Stella Lomukyeya,

alumna from Rwanda

now living in Monroe


Quotes gathered by Candice Bradford, Brea Douglas, Stephanye Gilyard, Taurean Hodge, Keith Kelly, Kellie Louviere, and Karen Wickham, students in MC 225 Mass Media Writing and Editing.

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