HIV/AIDS: The danger is not just in the Black community

When you think of the acronyms HIV/AIDS, the first few words that may come to mind is suffering, death and a spreading infection. Many AIDS activist try to educate not only African Americans but the entire globe on how dangerous this disease maybe.

But that activism seems to be halted with the steady inclinment of African Americans not willing to be tested for the disease. Many fail to realize that not only are there places on the GSU campus to be tested for the disease but that it is confidential information and clinics are not allowed to release private records.

One outlet available to students is the Campus Aid Prevention Center of Grambling State University that inform student’s of ways of knowing their status and stopping the spread of this deadly nightmare. The center also gives alternative ways of dealing with this worldwide issue that destroy’s so many lives.

We believe that HIV/AIDS is mainly speared because people fail to have protected sex. Yes, the safest sex is no sex, but the reality is most people ages 18-25 are having sex.


So we have to answer the question how do we stop the spread of this viral disease?


1. One way would be, if you already have the disease, go get it certified so you will be registered in the national AIDS system.

2. Learn as much as you can about HIV/AIDS. The more you know, the more knowledgeable you’ll be about this virus.

3. If you are having unprotected sex, start wearing a condom. Even though it may not protect you 100%, it will give you a better chance of not contacting the virus.

However, some editors really don’t have a view on he disease. According to some editors the worlds biggest global issue came from the government. Some may argue this statement but some say AIDS originated in Africa but scientist did a test on monkey’s and contacted virus, so how did they get it? They had to contact it from a human being.

We’re not trying to point fingers at anyone. We just want everyone to start protecting themselves from dying from something that could be prevented.

The Gramblinite feels the danger is just not in the Black community. It has more to do with age. Most young people feel like their immune to the world. So they do things that they know are not necessarily right, because they feel nothing is going to happen to them. However, something has happened. AIDS/ HIV has become the worlds most growing viral disease.

However, it can be caught in the earlier stages. All we have to do is get tested, and know our status so that the disease doesn’t travel from one person to the next.

All we ask is that people start valuing life more. We only have one life and so let us at least treat our body’s like temples and protect ourselves, and the world.