20 Questions?????

1. How shocked were we that Harold Green lost the poetry contest last week?2. When is Popcorn coming out with an album?3. Will the picture to the right be his album cover?4. Who still wears FUBU?5. Aren’t you happy they finally finished tearing down Martha Adams?6. Seen any shows on the GSU TV station lately?7. Didn’t we tell you to have that bottled water ready?8. Why is the only working “emergency box” in front of the police station?9. Are you as disappointed as we are with Janet Jackson’s comeback?10. Who was upset with our midterm report?11. Did they think they were going to stop us from getting Homecoming passes?12. Do they understand “We Don’t Make the News, We Report It?”13. Is it us, or do you think the Zetas have upgraded?14. And where are the new Sigmas? 15. Where are the two SG Rhos?16. Will both of them step in this year’s step show?17. Why is the current Miss Cover Girl in the yearbook for 2005, did they forget about Portia?18. Who’s behind that, is it the woman with the camera ?19. Why doesn’t The Gramblinite come out on Thursday ?20. Is it because somebody is working on “one more ad?”Bonus question: Who has a beef with The Gramblinite because of 20 Questions?Disclaimer: The opinions and views of 20 Questions are for entertainment purposes only. These questions do not reflect the views of The Gramblinite or GSU.