20 Questions???

1. Whatever happened to Roy G?

2. Will the sound system actually work at the concert?

3. Speaking of the sound system, can you recall the last time the sound system ever right?

4. Does Maury get discounts on paternity tests?

5. Where is Musiq Soulchild?

6. Speaking of missing people, did Dave Chappelle go back to Africa?

7. Where did the rest of the new computers go?

8. Are all the GSU police certified?

9. Which would be worse listening to Lil Boosie for a week or having to hear “Chain Hang Low” for three consecutive days non-stop?

10. How low in the SWAC rankings will the basketball team fall without Brion Rush?

11. Can we expect the “I” in team to be gone now that Brion is gone?

12. Are we going to win Homecoming?

13. Where you really surprised to find out that the new arena won’t be open for the beginning of basketball season?

14. Are professional sports becoming more…PROFESSIONAL?

15. Does anyone really sing anymore?

16. Don’t you miss the Boondocks?

17. How long will it take before black people are upset about the launch of iTunes Latino?

18.What was the most over hyped album of 2006, Diddy’s “Press Play” perhaps?

19. Why do girls think that putting on a hood leaving Pinchback makes it seem as though they are not girls?

20. Why doesn’t KGRM play urban music until 8:00 p.m.?


Disclaimer: The opinions and views of 20 Questions are for entertainment purposes only. They do not reflect the views of The Gramblinite or GSU.