The Truth about Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer issues, especially the importance of early detection. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in America. One out of every three cancer diagnosis is breast cancer. There are more than 2.3 million women living with breast cancer. This month is also about remembering loved ones who battled with this disease. Whether we know it or not, we all know someone who is affected by this. Just here at Grambling I know almost a handful of people who have lost a mother to this disease. That’s why it is important for all of us to come together and try to promote awareness. So what can we do? It’s all about support. All around the nation women and families of those who have been affected by this disease have been raising money to fund research for this disease. The American Cancer Society is supporting over 175 research projects related to breast cancer which totals more than 98.2 million dollars. You can donate money for research, or you can donate your time. You can send a letter to your congressman to help fund research; you can even put on a seminar or distribute information on breast cancer; maybe you can drive a neighbor or a friend to an appointment. Whatever we do will be a big step in keeping those we know healthy and perhaps find a cure for breast cancer. When breast cancer is detected early and treated promptly, suffering and ultimately the loss of life can be significantly reduced for women and men. Men can get breast cancer as well, take care of yourself and be active in your health. Regular breast exams and trips to the doctor can play a part in early detection. For those who have relatives who need an exam encourage them to go. If they are apprehensive then offer to go with them.