Publisher arrested on multiple charges

Attempted 1st degree murder one of charges against Inside Edition’s Smith. Nehemiah Smith, the publisher of The Inside Edition, was arrested Friday on multiple charges, including attempted first-degree murder. After a short chase by university police, Smith was apprehended at the Grambling Police Department. He was booked at the Lincoln Parish Jail on several charges. Smith has been charged with attempted first-degree murder of a university police officer, reckless operation of a vehicle, resisting arrest, endangering a police officer, trespassing on the GSU campus, and disturbing the peace. According to GSU Police Chief Jefferson Walker, Smith had been given a no trespassing order, prohibiting him from being on campus. “Mr. Smith willfully violated the trespassing order and came on campus,” Walker said. “We issued a trespassing warning in accordance with the law, and he trespassed on the campus of Grambling State University.” According to Walker, Smith was “observed on campus at Grambling Hall by university police officers.” After a brief conversation with the officers, according to Walker, Smith “bolted to his car and drove off.” “He was pursued by two police officers and was placed under arrest,” Walker said. Many rumors surfaced about the attempted first-degree murder charge, but Walker set the record straight. “When he drove off, he drove off in a manner that threatened the two police officers,” the GSU police chief said. “He endangered the lives of the other police officers.” Rumor also has it that Smith has said that the university police had harassed him over the course of the past weeks. Walker, however, knows nothing of such a statement. “We have not received a formal complaint of the alleged harassment,” Walker said. The Inside Edition is a periodic newsletter that sharply criticizes the administration at GSU. Smith is also one of the plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit against the university. The lawsuit, brought by Smith, the Grambling University National Alumni Association, its past president, and the Grambling mayor, among others, names as some of the defendants GSU President Horace Judson, Vice President Billy Owens and University of Louisiana System President Sally Clausen. Calls to Smith were not returned by press time. Smith is rumored to be having a news conference in the near future, but this was not able to be confirmed.