Blu Masquerade gets rave reviews

As the song “Electric Slide” blasted over the speakers, the classic dance started. As they moved from left to right, back to front, people were enjoying themselves. The Zetas and Sigmas of GSU wrapped up their weeks by holding the Blu Masquerade Ball at the Ruston Country Club on US 167. The ball was an event designedby the upper echelon of GSU students. “It was a classy party,” said Malaina Davis, a freshman. “It was a good experience for a freshman.” Davis sported a light blue mask to match her blue-green dress. Davis, however, had trouble finding the mask. “I couldn’t find one at the store,” she said, “so I bought one there. I think it was good they had masks available.” As the night continued on, more and more partygoers showed up. Pretty soon, the dance floor was cluttered with people having a good time. “I thought the Blu Masquerade Ball was very nice,” freshman Whitney Carter said. “It wasn’t like one of those regular parties where no one dances. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.” Dancing to the soothing sounds of the Sigma Alpha Iota sorority or the bass thumping from the speakers of DJ Money Mark, the dance floor was rarely empty and the party kept going until its end. “I had fun,” Carter said. “It was an unique idea with the costumes.” While some had the masks covering their faces, most decided to let the masks rest on their heads, jamming to the music. As the party drew to an end, no one seemed to be dissatisfied. “It was really exquisite,” said Alexandria Jackson. “I think there should be more events like this. It was a tranquil environment.”