‘You have no army!’

I’m calling it now. World War III is on the way. Yes-it is. Look at what’s going on right now. North Korea has successfully tested a nuclear weapon.

It was first reported that the test failed. However, in a later CNN article, they confirmed that North Korea had successfully exploded a nuclear weapon, even though the explosion was small.

This is the beginning of World War III. If I were you, I’d be afraid. There are rumors floating around that the nuclear missiles that North Korea has could reach the populous city of Chicago. That’s pretty far, and there are a LOT of big cities on the East coast.

Not only is North Korea boasting that they could attack the U.S., they may have some friends. China did used to work with North Korea in the past. South Korea could come to the aid of North Korea if they wanted to, despite the Korean War.

Most of the Middle East nations do not like the U.S. and could also aid North Korea. And worst of all, Cuba could get involved as they use the same government as North Korea: communism.

This is really getting to be a bad time to go to war. Not only are we fighting the “war on terror,” which has been a failure, but we are also spread thin. We have troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, and Pakistan. Also, our allies are starting to bring their troops home (Britain for example).

While the United Nations is supposed to be the governing body over all of the nations, they honestly have NO power. They did decide to impose sanctions against North Korea to “ship them into shape,” I guess you could say, but no nation has to really follow them.

The approved sanctions are basically supposed to stop North Korea from trading and receiving products that could lead to the construction of nuclear weapons. However, right after the resolution was passed, China was said to have second thoughts and may not abide by the resolution. They later changed their mind and are inspecting trucks that enter and exit the country that’s related to North Korea.

The problem with this resolution is that North Korea rejected it immediately after it was passed. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong II has said that the sanctions are a “declaration of war.”

I remember Dr. Perry, a chemistry professor at Grambling, saying that we would experience a war in our lifetime. Could he ever be more right? He also said that we would see another Hiroshima (if you don’t know what that is, please become educated).

Let’s be honest; the United Nations cannot stop North Korea. No matter what sanctions they impose, what trade embargoes they put up, North Korea will still be North Korea building nuclear weapons. We could’ve stopped them a long time ago, but we started searching for Sadaam Hussein.

But I’m guessing North Korea has watched some Dave Chappelle, and already knows what to say to the United Nations. “Why don’t you get your army and stop me? Oh wait-you have NO army!”

Darryl Smith is a senior mass communication major from Monroe.