The 411 College romance

College Romance is something that happens to 96 percent of the students on all college campuses. That remaining 4 percent are the students who were in relationships from high school. College romance is a natural cause, and a very beautiful thing.

Students from all around the world use their senior year of high school and their freshman year of college to have fun and mess around with different people. Around the second semester of school or sophomore to junior year of school, students tend to begin settling down. At college, there is so much more to look forward to, and everyone is more mature at this time.

Students have an opportunity to see what the world has to offer with relationships as they find people from different parts of the country on college campuses. But be very careful. You want the best relationship that you can possibly have. You don’t want things to go wrong with that one you decide to settle down with.



1.) Before you decide to hook-up, fellas, make sure this is the female you want, that you can see yourself being with, that you can see yourself coming home to every day in the near future, that when you see another beautiful woman you can smile because you got something better, not because you are about to be a player. Ladies, make sure you want the same thing. Remember the golden point, never hook-up with someone that you can’t see yourself marrying because that just might happen.

2.) Don’t be overprotective. At this point, you are grown. You should be able to trust each other. If not, you don’t need to be with each other. If you are overprotective, you will see each other too much and then you will get tired of each other. This will then cause one of you to start seeing other people and then all of the drama.

3.) Never fight over a man or a female. There are too many people out there, and somebody is your match. So if things fall off that way, that was just not the match for you

4.) Treat each other right and have fun. Surprise your mate at times. Take them out to eat on a certain off occasion. For example, every Thursday night go out to eat. Let that just be your weekly thing. Gives you a chance to talk and have dinner together, especially if you been busy throughout the week. Every now and then, cook for each other. Use the rose petals and candlelight. This is romance.

5.) Introduce each other to each other’s families. A strong relationship with the families will have your back, and they will support you both all the way through college.

6.) If the worst comes to a breakup, I encourage you to do everything you must do to hook back up. However, why beat a dead horse? If one is at the point to no return, why keep trying? If one feels that way, then there is nothing more you can say. You can’t buy anything for them, there is nothing you can do, so just let it be. The more you try, the deeper hole you are putting yourself in. Just chill and wait for them to come back to their senses.

7.) If the relationship still hasn’t continued and you are feeling someone else, don’t let the fact that you and your ex may hook back up stop you from talking to another person that you are feeling. You could be waiting forever and sometimes, moving on is what it takes for one to realize that they were wrong. And when they come back, you have the option to forgive them and work it out, or do them the way they did you and keep on pushing.

8.) Whatever you do, do not – and this is a big DO NOT – get any friends involved with the relationship. Sure, they can meet each other and be friends, but if you ask for advice, your friends will always steer you in confusing directions. Half of your friends want you to leave the person alone so they can get at them or they just want you single like them. The other half wants you to talk back to that person just because that person has been bugging them to hook the two of you back up. It’s all a plot, and the decision needs to come from your feelings only.

9.) Most relationships will involve sex. If a baby is created out of the process, don’t start getting crazy and wanting to break up and all of that bad stuff. Stick together through the process and let that child have both of its parents around. Don’t drop out of school, ladies. After the baby is born, get right back in and finish up your semesters. I know it’s tough, but you got to make that happen for your child.