Get on or get rolled over

Here we go again. In case you don’t know what I am talking about let me fill you in on a few things.

The illustrious GSU football team is once again staring down the barrel of a losing season and playing Russian roulette with a blindfold on.

The Tigers have fallen into a rut that they cannot seem to get out of and things aren’t looking up with the big ugly beast called Jackson State headed into town.

I sincerely hope that the G-Men can pull it together this week to get a much needed win against J-State because losing last week to UAPB has most certainly painted the Tigers into a proverbial corner.

Now before all of you so-called Tiger fans out there email and write in this is not a team bash by any means. I love the G-Men as much as anyone else but I do see some things that could certainly use a tweaking or two.

The fact that we have lost so many close games lets me know that with a few minor changes to the team we could be 6-0 just as easily as we are 2-4.

In a season where we have gone through so many changes to both the offense and the defense it is expected that we lose a ball game here or there but we should certainly have more wins than loses at this point in the season.

This week’s contest will be yet another test for our incredibly young team, but it is my firm belief that Grambling can beat Jackson State if the necessary changes are made in time and the right people are put in the right places.

With that said, Tigers lets get it together this week, go out and show J-State that we will not go quietly into the night, and whip some ass!

To all of the fans, come out an support the G-Men this weekend and show them that we have their backs because we are, after all, one big happy family.