Campus Ministry leadership team speak

We prayed for your mid-term this semester. We The SWAT (students with a testimony) leadership team hopes that you have had a great beginning and is very excited about your decision to make GSU the place to pursue your higher education.

It is always exhilarating to see new erudite students enter the Community of Tiger land, where “Everybody is Somebody.” We hope that this year brings you new friends, higher goals, and a fresh vision of your life ahead. As you embark upon this significant new journey take time to get to know your surroundings.

Commit to memory that college is not just a place to be at liberty from the confines of protective loved ones. It takes hard work and dedication, which you will be expected to display, to accomplish your goal of crossing the stage and receiving a degree. Yet, you should never underestimate the importance of finding time to relax and socialize.

You will find it in your best interest to get involved! I wouldn’t be telling you the entire truth, as I know it, if I didn’t tell you about the fun, social prosperity, leadership and academic development that dwells in being active in organizations on-campus.

However many of us are members of sororities, and frats and strong leaders in Campus Ministry, We urge you not to leave God out of your social life. Many have heard of the great opportunities and benefits that come when serving in a sorority or fraternity and other organizations but are not too familiar with Campus Ministry. So then, you may ask, what is Campus Ministry and what will it profit me to join?

GSU-Campus Ministry is an ecumenical organization that serves as the umbrella for other on-campus religious organizations. Nonetheless, it is in campus ministry where leadership and spiritual development conferences and retreats are experienced and implemented throughout campus.

Our Campus Ministry Director, Rev. Connie Breaux, a recent receiptant of the 2006 NCMA Richard Ross Hick National Campus Ministry Award is dedicated to cultivating leaders and aiding in the development of the holistic personal growth in each Grambling student.

As a Louisiana certified retired teacher, holding her Theological training from Perkins School of Theology, Breaux has diligently served the Grambling community. It has been through Campus Ministry that many of us have been enabled to gain new perspectives while serving on various committees. Grambling student Alex Brunson, president of GSU-SWAT/ Wesley Foundation, now sits on the National Steering Committee for the United Methodist Church.

Although Rev. Breaux is a strong force behind Campus Ministry’s S.W.A.T leadership team, she is regularly behind the scenes as the SWAT leaders spearhead the planning, programming and promoting sector of the ministry. Your gifts will open the door of opportunity for you to grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically in GSU’s religious and Christian based organizations. Please make God the center of your Joy!

For more info. on student religious organizations and event information pleases contact :

274-3135 or gsu_swat_@yahoo.com

www.gram.edu/Student520 Organizations/ SWAT.