Bible study gets underway

When you think about the phrase 20/20 the first thing that comes to mind is the word Vision. On Tuesdays at 8:15pm in the Grambling Hall auditorium, you are guaranteed to get a clear Vision of your life with Christ.

The young men and women involved in the Baptist Campus Collegiate Ministry is filled with so much life, passion and drive for the Lord. “I heard about the Bible study from my sister. I like how they worship God by having fun. I want to be saved,” said Freshman, Richard Hodges from New Orleans.

B.C.C.M. for short began on Grambling’s campus approximately six weeks ago and since then the turnout has been awesome. “When our first Bible study began we had only 15 people show up. Every week the attendence rate is growing,” said Davin Pierre, member of the B.C.C.M. team.

Minister Reginald Alfred is head of the B.C.C.M. The ultimate goal of B.C.C.M is to be able to touch and change the lives of all who attend. “We don’t want them to leave the same way they came,” said Pierre.

“Since coming to Bible study my life has been totally enriched. I am experiencing God’s true, total blessings for me. I have found a new peace that only Jesus can give,” said LeKenya Shelly.

Don’t let the word Baptist stray you away from coming out on Tuesday nights. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are, as long as you are willing give yourself totally to the Lord this ministry is for you.

“It has truly been a blessing to see my peers get together and worship God without shame. Everytime I attend B.C.C.M. I leave renewed,” said Germika Hodges.

If you are looking for a place to let your hair down, learn about God, and fellowship with other believers all at the same time, give B.C.C.M. a try, your life will never be the same.